Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tips for painting our house

Before strarting to paint, try the paint colour which You select;choose beforehand. Try the tes first follow the example of the existing paint colour before You release the expense and time for the work of this painting. Don't be wrong, so much discontented people with the colour paint they which have choosed. Most of they usually chosen the colour from example of colour sheet and start the painting. After finishing, they newly realize the, colour selected too dark, bold, or wrong even is at all.

This problem in fact can be avoided even for that You have to a few trying and releasing a few surcharger. But, guaranteed by, You do not will regret. Its way, buy 1 small can follow the example of the paint colour which You wish. Start to paint at darkest side ( usually at wall which have window) and boldest side ( usually wall of across the window) of the size 60 cm x 60 cm. Let during two-day to ascertain whether Your choice have precisely.

If feeling to fitt in with result of existing paint, You can continue the painting. If on the contrary, try to select the other colour and start again by mentioned. Use the way of same for the painting of outdoors. sunshine And time difference ( morning, noon, night) play role important in determining paint colour outside. Paying attention example of colour paint from entire/all viewpoint and perceive its change all day long to get the best result.

Good Luck.

Decorate your House ?? | Do It Yourself

  • Don'T place the artistic goods of above eyesight of people mean in general. Put and compile it about 150 cm from floor. By using this guidance, You will never put down it too high. If we like to group the Your artistic goods collection, use this guidance for the outline of settlement then develop.

  • Don'T use the undersize decoration. Corresponding to existing room scale. Make this matter as guidance: use 2 / 3 from wide of existing wall for create of by putting painting, decoration / artistic goods. This guidance is applicable also in furniture settlement in one room. If You don't have one even also big enough decoration, try by grouping some goods and put down nearbyly to fulfill existing room scale.

  • Don'T too much placing furniture in small room. Accomodating size measure room of the size and form the existing furniture. Use the special drawing paper and follow the example of the size measure furniture to estimate arrange the furniture situation which You have and appropriate furniture of Your desire

Friday, June 22, 2007

Fig for withstand insect invation

Healthy plants are a result of healthy organic soil and are better able to withstand insect invasions. Some beneficial insects are ground beetles, lacewings, ladybugs and praying mantis. Using toxic anti-insect sprays will cause these garden friends to move away and leave your garden prey to harmful insects such as aphids, mites, mealy bugs and others.Fig Propagation:Start a new fig tree. It's easy. You'll need a cutting about 3/8 inch in diameter from old wood 10 to 12 inches long. Root in desired spot, 6 to 7 inches deep with one bud protruding above ground. The fig needs winter protection from the north wind. Start near the house or out building. Water, Fertilize sparingly when new leaves sprout. No cultivation is needed.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Beautiful of teratai flowers for our garden

Teratai flowers has beautiful color when it blow. We can planting teratai flower in our garden to make our garden look beauty. Many kind of teratai flowers are:

  • White Teratai Forest (Nymphaea nouchali)

Crown of flowers is white and the the calyx yellow. It have size 15 X 25 cm This flower
blow at the night. Step aside the leaf jagged

  • Blue Teratai (Nymphaea stellata)

This flower come from kalimantan Indonesia. The colour young blue chromatic, small, the
shape is radiant. This flower blow from morning to evening.

Tips to solve pond irrigate for our garden

Dismissal irrigate is one of important factor when we designed our garden. We can put dismissal irrigate planted in ground for more good looking. Here some tips for make Dissmissal irrigate planted in ground :
  • Dig the land with height 15 cm and width 5 cm as long as you need.
  • At the dig planted paralon pipe ang dclosed with gravel diameter 2-4 cm.
  • At the top side of paralon pipe, make little hole for the way out of water
  • Around the paralon pipe give the fertile land for plant.